game1 [gām]
[ME < OE gamen, akin to OFris game, OHG gaman < ? IE base * gwhemb-, to leap merrily]
1. any form of play or way of playing; amusement; recreation; sport; frolic; play
a) any specific contest, engagement, amusement, computer simulation, or sport involving physical or mental competition under specific rules, as football, chess, or war games
b) a single contest in such a competition [to win two out of three games]
c) Tennis a subdivision of a SET (n. 6j), consisting of a series of at least four consecutive serves by a single player
d) a subdivision of any of certain other contests
a) the number of points required for winning [the game is 25]
b) the score at any given point in a competition [at the half the game was 7 to 6]
4. that which is gained by winning; victory; win
5. a set of equipment for a competitive amusement [to sell toys and games]
6. a way or quality of playing in competition [to play a good game]
7. any test of skill, courage, or endurance [the game of life]
8. a project; scheme; plan [to see through another's game]
a) wild birds or animals hunted for sport or for use as food: see also BIG GAME
b) the flesh of such creatures used as food
10. FAIR GAME (sense 2)
11. Informal a business or vocation, esp. one with an element of risk [the stock-market game]
gamed, gaming
to play cards, etc. for stakes; gamble
1. designating or of wild birds or animals hunted for sport or for use as food: see also GAME FISH, GAME FOWL
2. gamer, gamest
a) plucky; courageous
b) having enough spirit or enthusiasm; ready (for something)
☆ ahead of the game
Informal in the position of winning, esp. in gambling
die game
to die bravely and still fighting
game away
to squander or lose in gambling
make game of
to make fun of; make the butt of jokes, teasing, etc.; ridicule
off one's game
performing poorly
play the game Informal
1. to act according to the rules of a game
2. to behave as fairness or custom requires
The Game
the game is up
all chances for success are gone
game2 [gām]
[< ?]
Informal lame or injured: said esp. of a leg

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